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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Endless Pawsibilities Mobile Grooming?

Mobile Grooming with Endless Pawsibilities benefits your pet and you in many different ways:

- Less stress on your pet.

- Groom Cam! Watch the groom from you computer or phone.

- Better for elderly pets that are difficult to take to Groomers.

- Great for pets that don't like other animals.  Nervous pets also benefit from this     approach.

- Less hassle for you, we can come while you are at work or to your work.

- Climate controlled Van for all weather conditions.

- No hookups needed.

Do you Groom Cats?

Yes, our Groomers are trained to do cats, we bathe cats and treat them for fleas and ticks.  We recommend De-shedding, it's great for cats, even with short hair.  If done every 4-6 weeks, it reduces shedding by 60%-80%.  We also do shave downs and lion cuts, clip/grind nails, clean teeth, eyes and ears.

Do you do flea and tick treatments, if so what kind?

Yes, all of our professional grooming shampoos are bio-degradable, eco-friendly and natural.  Our Groomers can also do Frontline applications for you as an added service.

Do you do anal glands?

No, that is a procedure that should only be done by a Vet. If not done correctly, it will eventually cause tissue scaring in the gland and cause future issues.

Is it necessary to book an appointment, how far in advance?

Like most Mobile Services (plumbers, handyperson, etc.), we need to schedule appointments in advance.  In most cases, if you want a certain day and time, you will need to book well in advance.  It is also an advantage to book on a regular basis so you do not risk missing out on the time and day you want.

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